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ENC Down Range reserves the right to not cancel any order that a customer has placed due to the nature of manufacturing specifically for each individual customer. This can and will be at the discretion of ENC Down Range Staff.


When placing an order with ENC Down Range for ANY item a minimum deposit is required. To be set by ENC Down Range at the time of the order up to include the entire cost of the order. Additional funds may be deposited towards the invoice at any time. When placing any type of prepayment or deposit with ENC Down Range and for any reason the customer needs to cancel said order the customer will be charged a minimum of 25% cancellation fee. There will be no exceptions to this policy.


This cancellation fee covers many expenses that ENC Down Range incurs which include but are not limited to time spent by employees processing said order, supply costs incurred during processing of the order and the restocking of parts ordered from suppliers specifically for your order. In addition, a 4% credit card fee is charged to ENC Down Range when a credit card is used for payment and another 4% fee credit card fee is charged when a refund is issued for an order.

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